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"The Azov week"
On June, 4th, 2009.



The ground holds evidence of the life of medieval Azak, the air is filled with legends, and the breeze conveys heady smell of the Azov Sea. Hostess of this paradise - Natalia V. Udovenko.
N.V. Udovenko belongs to the category of people who are in the business world called salfmadewomen, ie, "women who had herself. Before we do the hotel business more than 30 years she worked in catering. The first step career ladder have fallen to a student cafeteria of the Rostov Institute of Machine Building, where the expertise of a young officer of the catering learn from M.E. Nivorozhkina now - the head of Don Culinary Guild, and then to the dining room "Youth" Volgodonsk of Atommash where Natalia V. was directed by Komsomol. "I raised Atommash - not without pride remembers my counterparts.
When he returned for family reasons in his native Azov, N.V. Udovenko led shop catering to. Richly worked hotel "Azov". And in 1989, bought back the container branch building of the former dining room and organized their own business: a workshop for producing cream products. Gradually the business expanded. There was a restaurant, then a sauna with indoor swimming pool, showers and rest rooms. The sixth sense prompted the entrepreneur, that complacency: "I have long pondered the idea to build a hotel and finally decided. It seemed that the circumstances be the best way possible. N.V. Udovenko took out a bank loan Centreinvest. "Governor of the Bank, L.G. Bugleeva supported me, - says Natalya V.. - Thank her for that. " But as soon as the hotel opened its doors to guests, the financial crisis. Out with the new hotel on the market in the midst of the deteriorating economic situation, experts say business is very risky. But otherwise, once complete begun, N.V. Udovenko not seen. With great gratitude, she remembers all those who helped her survive, remain in the business: president of the association board of directors of I.B. Simakova, our colleagues Culinary N.D. Emelkin, employees are not left her in a difficult moment, friends. With a deep sense of gratitude Natalia V. says about the city administration, which gave her the land under the hotel complex and not left unattended.
Now, according to the businessman, is already better. Gradually being put into practice the plans. Obustraivaetsya conference room, coming to the end of the hotel interior decoration, finish building a sauna and outdoor pool, two-tier "presidential" issue, half of the wall space occupied by the window, in all its beauty showing lovely panorama of the surroundings - a blessed place where, according to legend, took place a sermon Andrew. In the long term - the creation of a playground that would allow visitors to "Priboy" pleasant to spend time with your family. "I want to see people coming here, rested, - tells N.V. Udovenko. -Looking for more huge amounts of money, and, nevertheless, I think everything will, everything will fall into place. It would be great! ".
She believes that her beloved Azov great travel future. "Every year the city becomes more beautiful, develops, revived old customs. I hope, soon be officially recognized as his two millennial age. All this, coupled with a mass of attractions, of course, would increase the flow of tourists.
Hotel complex "Priboy" is that they offer. In its 33 modern rooms, including economy-class rooms, two suites and one "presidential". At that number, you can choose not only depending on the number of residents, the size of wallet, but ... character! For example, the romantically-minded guests can live under the roof, where powerful streams of dazzling sunlight pouring through the roof window, charging all around the positives and energy! All rooms have bath or shower, TV, wardrobe, chest of madder color beech. At each lodger has a luxurious double bed, with the exception of rooms for accommodation of children's groups. The price includes breakfast which is served in the guest convenience. Lunch on the client's request can be delivered anywhere in the city!
The exterior decoration of the hotel and restaurant is in shades of green, that is the best in harmony with the surrounding complex of all sides greens. Day and pulls to sit down with a cup of coffee at a table under a spreading willow. The evening can be wonderful to spend time in a restaurant: listen to live music (played by a saxophonist, Honored Artist of D.A. Tkachenko), enjoy good food. NV Udovenko invites and lovers, and married couples, and groups - all: "I await you with great pleasure! Prepare for you everything you want! ".
- We try very hard to all of us liked it! says Natalia V.. - Sometimes people come to us by chance, pleasantly surprised: "Oh, but we did not know that there is such a place!" And become regular customers. That this is indeed true, I am convinced, ask for feedback on the hotel guest from Moscow, Alexander: "This is good service and friendly attitude. Comfortably. Silence. Forthcoming Azov will arrive on a business trip 30-40 of my colleagues. I will contribute, that they are located precisely in'll beat you! ".


Zodiac sign - Leo.
Credo: the most important - my family.
The most favorite people - the grandson of Nazar.
The greatest dream - that my business has survived in this difficult time for everyone.
What are the qualities of the entrepreneur who has business in Russia? - Perseverance.
Favorite color - green.
Favorite author - Bulat Okudzhava.
Favorite movie - "Moscow does not believe in tears".
Favorite drink - coffee.
Preferred food - vegetables.

Elena Rychagova.

"AZOV 1000"

Azov "Priboy": at the very Quiet Flows the Don

Once, during the years of Soviet power, here in the street. Kalinin. 2, has a cozy inexpensive cafes. It is, in particular, was aware that it celebrated different holidays Komsomol activists Azov. Now this cafe does not know. It has become a comfortable restaurant "Priboy", which has grown, changed his image, and became a favorite place for many azovchan and visitors alike.
All in the complex: under the motto created this beautiful recreation area called "Priboy". The reality lived up to expectations: at guests' disposal "Priboy" currently exquisite cuisine and attentive staff, live music, great sauna and Russian bath with a swimming pool, conference hall and a hotel with comfortable rooms, including two suites and the Presidential Room. < br> "Surf" is located near the historic area of Azov, which grew roots in our ancestors for centuries. And this is one undeniable advantage for the visitors to the restaurant. Next to "Priboy" carries its waters Quiet Flows the Don. "Priboy" is located away from the noisy city highways, and this is another obvious advantage.
The whole complex of "Priboy" handsome and multifunctional at any time of year. The level of service here does not require advertising and can meet the tastes of visitors.

Brief biographical note

Natalia V. Udovenko, entrepreneur and owner of the complex "Priboy" was born in the Azov region. At one time she worked at the All-Union shock Komsomol construction Atommash was people's deputy of two convocations in Volgodonsk. Natalia Udovenko Don is a member of the guild of chefs, a member of Business Club Rostov-on-Don, as well as the winner of the program "The doubling of the bank" Center-Invest "2005" and participant in the regional contest "Best Entrepreneur" Don-2007 ". Natalia V. repeatedly received letters of appreciation from the administration of Azov.

"Top managers and the people of the Don"
On December, 12th, 2008

Difficulties do more

On the characteristics and complexities of building a business in the distant 90's and his position today we spoke with the director of Hotel and Restaurant complex "Priboy" Natalia V. Udovenko.

Natalia V., tell us about yourself, create your business and how you experience prevailing in Russia today, a crisis.

I was born on August 12, 1958 in x. Bolshevik Azov district. After graduating from college, Rostov Soviet trade began working student chefs under the direction of Nevorozhkina Fradkov, currently director of the dining room 35 RISHM Culinary Guild and head of the Rostov region, which gave me a huge store of knowledge, skills and experience. Since 1976, I participated in the construction Atommash, worked as a cook, was secretary of the Komsomol organization, then a deputy city council two convocations ... In 1980, for family reasons was forced to return to the Azov. Five years worked for the shop manager catering farm "plentiful". To date, the total length of my working life in catering is 35 years.
In 1994 I decided to organize their own business. In 2004, believe me, enormous efforts had been opened restaurant "Priboy". I had to almost completely restore the abandoned building of the former dining room. Six months later, a restaurant began to take the first visitors. It consists of three halls for 100, 60 and 30 seats. A year later, opened a sauna. And two years later I built a hotel for 70 people. And all this - thanks largely to help the city administration, which allows to move forward and not rest on our laurels, and, of course, God.
My main goal as a leader to date - to keep business in the creation and development of which is invested so much labor, Vulture, patience, and, of course, keep personnel and a healthy atmosphere in it. For me it is very important. I'm worried about the health and welfare of their employees. My team is stable, well-established. These are the people with whom we have lived through hard times, which helped me to build a hotel and now, despite the well-known difficulties remain to work in the enterprise. While the scope of service from day one felt the impact of the crisis. But the difficulties have only harden, do more and help fight to the last. I am confident that the general peace of mind, team spirit, and further partnerships with travel agencies, we will be able to survive such a difficult time for the country and save the business. Plans for the future very much, but more on that later ...

Olga Gorbokoneva